Spotlight on Two Committees of Women in Leadership and Philanthropy

As the director of the organization support division of the human resources department for Hillsborough County, Florida, Dara Chenevert was instrumental in working to ensure that the county’s strategic plan was followed. Outside of work, Dara Chenevert supports the Women in Leadership and Philanthropy program at the University of South Florida.

Women in Leadership and Philanthropy (WLP) was founded in 2005. The organization assists individuals and groups in gaining a foothold in education and leadership. 

WLP has several committees to serve the needs of its members. Two of those committees are the mentoring and scholarships committees. 

The mentoring committee works with students at the University of South Florida and connects them with experienced members. These individuals can impart their wisdom and real-life experiences to students. 

The scholarship committee connects WLP staff and the school’s scholarship office to find qualifying young women who would benefit from scholarships. This committee also creates engagement between individuals who are members, current students, and alumni. In addition, the scholarship committee works closely with donors to maintain assistance for the program.